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Spectrum Video 125+ Stations Which Includs Completely Free H-D Programs
Accessibility to around 10, 000+ On-Demand options -- Which Includs H D and films Also In 3-D
Stream Real Time Spectrum TV Select and On-Demand Movies On your Spectrum Application
Accessibility to All of Your Favourite Network Television Programs
Check out Spectrum TV Select in Your Own schedule Using Charter Communications, Spectrum DVR on to As Many As 4 TVs in your House -- around 780 hours of storage
Spectrum Web
Speeds beginning at Sixty Mbps
Completely Free Spectrum HSI Protection with Spectrum HSI Security Program
No Cost accessibility to each of EPIX Web Content
No Cost High Speed modem
Spectrum Voice
Infinite local and long distance phoning at the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and also the U.S. Virgin Islands
No more Additional fees such as the Telephone Provider fees
18+ Common calling features such as Block Unwelcome Callers and Simultaneous Ring
Take Care of Your House Phone From Anywhere, in Your Home or even on the move using On-line Voice Supervisor, offered free of Charge for Subscribers using Spectrum Online Calling and also Internet
Totally Free 411 calls with Spectrum VOIP

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